Conference papers

CONFERENCE PAPERS, (April 1998 – January 2016)

  • 6th SIEP conference on Roots and Rituals: The Construction of Ethnic Identities, Formation of the Kashmiri Ethnic minority in Britain Amsterdam, 20-25 April 1998. (Co authored with Khan, Z., and published in Roots and Rituals: The Construction of Ethnic Identities, (eds) Dekker, T., Helsloof, J., Wijers, C., Het Spihuis, Amsterdam, 2000.
  • 1st Conference on Intertextuality of Holy Books, Jointly organised by the Alexander Marthoma Centre for Dialogue and the Cosmic Community Centre, Post colonial  Criticism as a Cultural tool to Reading of Holy Texts, Kottarakkara, Kerala, India, 25-28 August 2004. (Published in Intertextuality of the Holy Books, (eds) Oommen(Jr), M, O., & Karickam, A., Alexander Marthoma Centre for Dialogue and the Cosmic Community Centre, Kottarakkara, India 2004.
  •  Ways and Means: Reinventing Studies in Religion for the Third  Millennium, Postcolonial Criticism: An Approach to De-colonising the Study of Religion Australian Society of Study of Religion (ASSR), University of Sydney,  Sydney, Australia, 30 Sept–2 Oct. 2005.
  • 1st Mission Conference, organised by the Australian  Association of Mission Studies (AAMS) Reimagining God,  Re-imagining God in Diasporic Communities: Sinhala community in Melbourne as a case Study Melbourne, October, 2005 (Published in Crossing Boarders, Shaping Faith, Ministry and identity in Multicultural Australia, (eds) Richmond, H. & Duk Yang, M., UCA Assembly and NSW Board of Mission, 2006.
  • Asia Pacific Philosophy Education Network for Democracy (APPEND) Conference, Ethno religious nationalism in the face of Cultural Universalism: An Analysis of the Sri Lankan Sinhala Buddhist Claims to Order society, Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences, Hanoi, Vietnam. (Published in Philosophical Perspectives on Globalisation (eds), Cam, P., Ibana, R. A. & Van Duc, P.,  APPEND philosophy Series, Vol 5, The Korean National Commission for UNESCO, 2006.
  • Dying for  Faith:  Religiously Motivated Violence in the contemporary  World. Tamil Tiger ‘Martyrdom’ in Sri Lanka, Faith in Suicide for Nationhood, Department of Theology and Religious Studies, King’s College, University of  London, UK, 11-12 September, 2006. (Published as Tamil Tiger Martyrdom in Sri Lanka: Faith in Suicide for Nationhood in Politics and Religion Vol II, No 2, Center for Study of Religious and Religious Tolerance, Belgrade, Serbia, 2007. Also published as Martyrdom and Nationalism: Faith in Suicide? Interreligious INSIGHT, Vol. 6 no 2 January 2008.
  • Congregational Ministers’ Annual Conference, Help !Where in the World are we? Living Peacefully, A keynote address, Cross cultural Competence  of  Jesus & his Approach to Difference: A Reflection on the Lukcan Narrative,  Grange Over Sands, Cumbria, UK, 10-13 April 2007.  (Published as  Multicultural Competence of Jesus: A Cultural Hermeneutic of the Lukan Narrative in One Word Many  Versions: A Re-reading of the Holy Books – Essays on Intertextuality, (eds) Palapathwala, R. and Karickam, A., Dr. Alexander Marthoma Centre for Dialogue  and Cosmic Community Centre, Kottarakara, Kerala, 2007.
  •  The 2nd International Conference, Faith, Spirituality and Social ChangeInvesting in the ‘Faith Capital’ as a means to Social Change,  University of Winchester, UK, 14-15 April 2007. (Published as Investing in the ‘Faithful Capital’ as a means to Social Change and Political Imagination, Politics and Religion, No.1 Vol. II,  Center for Study of Religion and Religious Tolerance, Belgrade, Serbia, 2008.
  • The 5th International Conference  on Critical Management Studies Movements of Transition: Hegemonies, Resistances, Alternatives  Tamil Tiger Dilemmas of Stfatehood with the Island-nation of Sri Lanka,  University of Manchester, Manchester,11-13 July 2007
  •  29th International Society for the Sociology of Religion (ISSR).Secularity and Religious Vitality, Ethno-Religious Revitalisation of  Sinhala Buddhism in the secular symbol of politics  in Sri Lanka: A critical survey of its Past burden, Present crisis and the Future dilemma, University of  Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany 23-27 July 2007.
  • International Conference, Muslim World in Transition: Contributions of the Gulen Movement: Turkish Muslims and Muslim Turkey: Perspectives for a New European Islamic Identity ?  School for Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London School for Economic (LSE), University of London.  25-27 October 2007.  (Published, Conference Proceedings, Leeds Metropolitan University Press, 2007,  Revised and expanded the paper into a book chapter published in European Muslims, Civility and Public Life: Perspectives On and from the Gulen Movement (eds.) Weller, P., & Yilmaz, I., Continuum, London, 2012
  •  USPG Annual conference, ‘Giving and Forgiving’ Mission. Reconciliation and Hope, keynote address, Sri Lanka: Beauty, Agony and Challenges, High Leigh, Hertfordshire, UK, 22 June 2009. Published in Anglican in World mission, USPG,
  •  International Conference, How, Why and by Whom?  Discussing Responsibility for non materialistic values in the public Spheres, Museum of World Culture,  Attitude Change in Public Discourse for a Fresh Community Engagement in Civic life: A reflection on ’sufficiency Consciousness’ in the light of Buddhist thought, 16 November Gothenburg, Sweden, 2009. (Publish as Sufficiency and Material Development: A Post secular reflection in the light of Buddhist thought, in European Review,Vol.20, Issue 01, 2012).
  •  International Conference on Terrorist Rehabilitation Implementation, Countering the Single Narrative: A case for Ideological Rehabilitation, 25-30 November Singapore, 2009 (Published in Workshop on Terrorist Rehabilitation Implementation (WTRI), S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, A graduate School of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 2009.
  •  1st Strategic Workshop on Rehabilitation  & Deradicalization of  Militants and Extremists,   Community Engagement to Counter Deviant and Heretical Ideologies, 18th & 19th May 2010, Peshawar, Pakistan, Published in the Report, ICPVTR, Singapore, 2010.
  •  4th Conference on Interxtuality of the Holy Books, Holy Books and People of Differing Faiths, My Book and Their Books: Burdens, Dilemmas and Imaginative Leaps, 26-30 August, Kottarakkara, Kerala 2011. (Published in Holy Books and People of Differing Faiths, (eds) Karickam, A., Palapathwela, R., Alexander  Marthoma Centre for Dialogue, Kottarakkara and the Cosmic Community Centre, Karickam, 2011.
  •  Global Asia Security (GSA) 2011 Conference, Community Engagement: Countering the Terror Narrative, Singapore, 15-17 March 2011, (Unpublished).
  •  7th Sovereign Challenge Conference,  Minorities and Ethnic Groups: Separation, Assimilation and Radicalization,  Homegrown Terrorism: Prevent, Pursue and Engage, United States Special Operations Command, (USSOCOM), (Tampa Point, Florida)  Dearborn, Michigan,  USA, 06-09 June 2011, (Unpublished) .
    •  1st  International Conference on Community Engagement, Countering Extremism and Building Social Resilience through Community Engagement, Mainstreaming Community Engagement as a Counter Terrorism Strategy: Sri Lanka’s Experience and its Learning Curve, International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research (ICPVTR), Singapore, 21-22 September 2011, published, Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, December 2011
    • Book launch address, European Muslims, Civility and Public Life: Perspectives on and from the Gulen Movement, Turkish Muslims and Islamic Turkey: Perspective for a New European Islamic Identity, Dialogue Society, Summer London, 2012
    • Towards a Safer Tomorrow: Preventing Violent Extremism,

      Civil society Engagement in counter radicalization and deradicaliztion, Global Security Asia, Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore, 2-4 April 2013

    • Fifth International bi-annual Interfaith Conference on Holy Books,  HOLY BOOKS AND LIFE AFTER LIFE, The Living WORD in the Words of the Living, Kerala South India, 30th Sept. – 2nd Oct. 2013
    •  International Symposium, Hizmet Movement and Peacebuilding: Global Cases, Paradigm of Service : The Narrative of the transnational Hizmet Movement  and the Pan Asian Sarvodaya Movement  of Sri LankaWashington, DC, October 24-26 2013

International Conference, Globalization, Multiculturalism and Peace-building in the 21st Century: Prospects and Challenges,
in Plural Communities: Recovering ‘Otherwardness’ as a Counter Narrative to ‘Otherisation: A Proposition to Peacebuilding
New Delhi, 19 – 20 April 2014.
South and East Asian seminar,Holistic Human Development and Ecological Sustainability with Focus on Poverty of Farmers in Asia, Buddhist Spirituality for Ecological Sustainability and Integral Human Development Development, Development and Sufficiency, Benziger Memorial Spirituality Centre, Trivandrum, Kerala, India , 25 July 2014
International Research Conference on Christian Studies,
Department of Western Classical Culture and Christian Culture
University of Kelaniya, Colombo, Sri Lanka.
New and Home-grown: A Postcolonial Approach to ‘Theology in Context’3 July 2015
International conference on Tolerance and Extremism,
Perspectives on violent extremism– de radicalization and integration.
Global Tolerance Forum,Drammen, Norway, Sept.2015
Third Annual Edmond Halley Lecture, Human Rights Under Pressure – A global debate in the face of violent extremism, 29, September 2015
St. Margaret’s Church, Lee, London.
Conference and Workshop of the student leadership of St. Mary’s College,  – Being Exemplary and creating Excellence, January, 2016, Negombo, Sri Lanka.
Conference and Workshop for the teaching staff of St. Mary’s College, Role, dignity of a teacher and work ethics in the 21st century Education, March 2016, Negombo, Sri Lanka.

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