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Faculty member, School of Religion and Philosophy, Minhaj University Lahore, (Pakistan) Visiting Lecturer, Universities of Colombo and Kelaniya (Sri Lanka) No 07 Templer Mawatha, Mount Lavinia, Sri Lanka Mob: +94 774395566 Email: shanthi.hettiarachchi@gmail.com Web Blog www.hettiviththi.lk 


  • PhD. Melbourne College of Divinity, University of Melbourne (2004), Thesis: Post Colonial Sinhala Buddhist Revival and the Displacement of Buddhist Christian Majority- Minority Roles and Identities in Sri Lanka (by research). Later Published (2012) 
  • Pg.Dip. Fordham University, New York, USA (1994-1996). Thesis: Role of Buddhist Christian Dialogue as a Model of Education to Pluralism. (published in several Chapter articles) 
  • M.A., Peradeniya, Sri Lanka (1990 -1993). Thesis: Buddhist-Christian Discipleship towards a Pedagogical Sri Lankan hermeneutic (by research). (being revised and to be published 2020) 
  • B.Th., Pontifical Urban University, Rome, Italy (1978-1982). Major in Theology. 


  • Co editor, South Asian Journal of Religion and Philosophy, bi annual peer reviewed Journal, Minhaj University Lahore, Pakistan (2019 -) 
  • Editor-in-Chief, Social Justice, tri annual magazine, Centre for Society and Religion, Colombo, Sri Lanka, (2018 -) 
  • Programme Coordinator and Lecturer, Interfaith Relations and Cross Cultural Understanding, Oblate Institute of Higher Learning (OIHL), Colombo, (2015 -) 
  • Lecturer and instructor, World Religions, Religion, Conflict and Violence, Asian Theological Academy (ATA, Colombo 2015 -) 
  • Visiting Lecturer, (Hindu Dharma, Islam) Department of Western Classical Culture and Christian Culture, Faculty of Arts, University of Kelaniya, (2014-) 
  • Visiting Lecturer, Department of Buddhist Studies, (Christainity) Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo, (2012 -) 
  • Resource person and trainer for the Psychosocial service unit of the Sri Lanka Navy, Colombo, (2012-2013) 
  • Consultant, trainer for Cooperate Sector on work ethics and entrepreneurial mentorship, Colombo (2012 -2014) 
  • Resource person and trainer of military personnel and Cadet Corps in community engagement, LEADS (NGO) on community development and empowerment, and Bureau of Commissioner General of Rehabilitation (BCGR), Sri Lanka, (2011-2013) 
  • Consultant, trainer of trainers (TOT) and resource person, community engagement, Bureau of Commissioner General of Rehabilitation, Ministry of Rehabilitation and Prisons Reforms, Sri Lanka (2010-2011) 
  • Resource person, training of unit commanders of Military, Sri Lanka on community engagement processes, Sri Lanka (2010-2011) 
  • Consultant and Resource Person (Religion, Conflict and Community Engagement), International Centre for Political Violence and Terrorism Research, Singapore (2010-) 
  • Resident Lecturer and senior trainer, (Religion, Conflict and Engagement) St. Philip’s Centre for Study and Engagement, Leicester, UK (2006-2010) 
  • Associate Director (Research), Centre for Social Inquiry, Religion and Dialogue (CSIRD), Melbourne, Australia (2004-2006). Responsibilities: Research on global political upheavals, international development, South Asian religious movements and their impact on Australia, majority minority conflicts and identity issues. 
  • Founder, Rebuilding Lives Project, Galle, Sri Lanka (2005-), Responsibilities: Design psychosocial project for Tsunami survivors in the district of Galle, securing funding (UNICEF, Human Rights Commission – Hong Kong, European partners), and overall management of the team. 
  • Founder and Coordinator, Luton Council of Faiths, UK (2001-2003). Responsibilities: Establish a community cohesion network linking the project with the City Council and the Interfaith Network, UK. 
  • Founder and Community Liaison Officer, Luton Interfaith Forum, UK (1996 – 2001). Responsibilities: Design and implement a project to facilitate community cohesion in a town at risk of inter-community conflict and disharmony. 
  • Parochial vicar in the archdiocese of New York, USA (1994 -1996). Responsibilities: Assist the established community structures, social ministry and teaching ecumenism, Interfaith relations while pursuing postgraduate studies. 
  • Pastor, Archdiocese of Colombo, Sri Lanka (1982–1994). Responsibilities: Community work and administration of 1200 households. Linking community development, Justice and Peace work at the local, regional levels, lead person for seminars and workshops on themes related to cross cultural and Interfaith issues, advocacy and conflict prevention with non-governmental organisations. 


  • Lecturer in Semitic, Indic and Sinic religions at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels 
  • Supervisor for postgraduate level students 
  • Examiner Mphil, MA and PhD dissertations 
  • Editor, author, commentator on Religious affairs 
  • Research in processes of de-radicalisation and political violence among ethnic and other social groups. 
  • Motivating and raising awareness of Community and Religious leadership of the North and East of the importance integration of ex-combatants within the Rehabilitation programme, Sri Lanka. 
  • Engagement with ex-combatants in processes of Rehabilitation in view of reintegrating them back in community cum research into the process of de-radicalistion in the post war Sri Lanka. 
  • Work with Reconciliation groups and other stakeholder in researching and develop programmes for North South dialogue among young people in the post war Sri Lanka. 
  • Extensive experience in intercommunity relations and strategic planning in community cohesion, and research on Interfaith education and religious literacy approach to community development, UK. 
  • Proven abilities in conducting lectures based on researched material on issues related to majority-minority issues, World Religions, social theology, contemporary missiology, Interfaith Dialogue and intercultural competence, UK. 
  • Experience in working as the link person between communities, city council and government organisations, UK 
  • Resourcing local, regional and national Interfaith networks in Sri Lanka and the UK 
  • Designing, implementing and managing projects, Sri Lanka, UK 
  • Providing direction to the Luton Council of Faiths, Luton, UK 
  • Directing the inter diocesan minister’s solidarity group on regional Interfaith solidarity with Buddhist prelates and Christian ministers (Gampaha district), Sri Lanka. 
  • Conducting social and cultural awareness programs in high schools, universities (staff and students) and communities in Sri Lanka 
  • Set up and conduct Interfaith education at the parish and diocesan level for priests, religious and the laity in Sri Lanka 
  • Providing leadership and direction to the inter diocesan, inter-deanery on matters related to Interfaith and Human rights issues, Sri Lanka. 
  • Working as a minister of the diocese of Colombo in both rural and urban settings, leading interfaith work, justice and peace as integral to Church’s mission. 


  • User led community development skills, highly developed communication skills, capacity building skills, research and analytical skills, consultation and negotiation skills, problem solving skills, program management and facilitation skills, narrative interpretation skills and IT skills. 
  • Well-developed working knowledge in the application of equal employment opportunity legislation, providing advice and professional assistance to stakeholders, input in developing policy/procedures to ensure consistent practical application of the aims and objectives of the programme. 
  • Public speaking and discourse on Religion, its place and implications on civil society. The debate on Religion as means to cohesion or Conflict both at academic and community levels. 
  • Conceptual ability, track I & II diplomacy skills, attention to detail, flexibility, resilience, openness, taking the initiative, objective thinking and building productive networks and working with a team. 


  • Commencement of the peer reviewed bi annual academic Journal, South Asian Journal of Religion and Philosophy, Co editor, Minhaj University, Lahore, Pakistan (October 2019-) 
  • Re recommencement of Social Justice, tri annual magazine, Centre for Society and Religion (CSR, 2018-) e-versions of the magazines, see blogsite. 
  • Co founder of In Reach Global, a training provider in psychosocial services and Psychology education, Colombo, Sri Lanka (2017-) 
  • Contributing in evolving the Oblate Institute of Higher Learning (OIHL, Sri Lanka), Course Coordinator, Inter Religious Dialogue for Cultural Integration, Peace and Reconciliation, (November 2016-) 
  • Contributing to the national discussion on the South Asian politics in the context of Sri Lanka, (see publication list). Co-partner in developing the Asian Theological Academy with scholars from South Asia and Sri Lanka and delivering a course of Political Theology, 2015. 
  • Contributing as part of the group attached to the international Centre for Counter- Terrorism (ICCT) – The Hague, at the United Nations, on Reintegrating Violent Extremist Offenders: A Role for Governments and Communities, at the Side event of the UN panel on Integration, NY, 2014 
  • Contributing to the National debate on Diplomacy and politics of South Asia in 2013 to a Weekend National Newspaper, The Nation. 
  • Producing five key publications (2012) in the European setting to address issues of concern and also a separate publication of a research into a seminal book (2012), imperative for reconciliation and nation building to the post conflict Sri Lankan society (see Blog link above for publications). 
  • Developing a virtual consultancy on Advanced Psychosocial skill training components, combining research in post trauma, increased social mobility and psychosocial well-being of the victims of war, Sri Lanka (2011) 
  • Responsible for developing and sustaining the strategic local pool of resource people as contributors for ongoing training at St. Philip’s Centre for Study and Engagement, Leicester UK (2006- 2010) 
  • Coordinator in providing cross cultural competence training for Northern European faith sector and public sector officers working in inter cultural cohesion Interfaith Dialogue and community development, Leicester, UK. 
  • Lead lecturer in development and delivery of the Module on Religion, conflict and cohesion with De Montfort University, Leicester, UK 
  • Lead person in delivering World faiths tutorials for interest parties in public sector professional, Police, theological students and city planners, Leicester, UK. 
  • Lead person in organising and delivering Sports as a significant level of community cohesion, coordinated the Sports committee of St. Philip’s centre and the Leicestershire County Cricket administration, UK 
  • Co trainer cross cultural understanding and faith sensitivity awareness, Leicester, UK. 
  • Strategic thinking and programme development for secular agencies on changing nature of society and religious behaviour, Leicester UK. 
  • Frequent speaker and a tutor on Buddhist Studies to interested parties in Leicestershire, UK as part of St. Philip’s professional brief. 
  • Assistant Director (Research) Centre for Social Inquiry, Religion and Interfaith Dialogue (CSIRID) Melbourne Australia (2005) 
  • Established the Luton Interfaith Forum (LIF) – comprising of the major ethnic, cultural and religious groups in Luton, UK (1996-2004) 
  • Developed the LIF into the Luton Council of Faiths (LCOF), and secured funding from the Luton Borough (City) Council, UK. 
  • Designed and conducted the annual mayoral Interfaith civic ceremony of the city council of Luton, UK 
  • Designed and conducted the annual holocaust memorial Interfaith service at the request of the city council, in the city council chambers, Luton, UK. 
  • Developed the Christian-Muslim Dialogue Forum (CMDF), Luton, UK. 
  • Established the Sikh-Christian Dialogue Forum (SCDF), Hitchin, Hertfordshire, UK 
  • Established the Three Counties Interfaith Network (TCIN), radio programme with Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire, UK. 
  • Set up and conducted a programme in Luton’s high schools on training students and staff on diversity, Interfaith relations and multicultural understanding, UK 
  • Designed and conducted the Interfaith Studies Module, University of Luton, in collaboration with the Adult Education Consortium, Luton, UK. 
  • Consultant to the Building Plural Communities program in Brussels. 
  • Established links with Building Plural Communities in Pecs (Hungary) and Warsaw (Poland). Developed areas of dialogue and co-operation between the former Eastern Europe and Western Europe, funded by the European Union Soul for Europe Project. 
  • Guest lecturer, Institute of Ecumenical Studies, Prague, Czech Republic, 1997. 
  • Winter course on Ecumenism and Social Justice, Staten Island, New York, USA, 1995. 
  • Social counsellor and Religious Instructor for young adults, St. Brendan, Bronx, New York, USA, 1994-1995. 
  • Streamlined the welfare of the community of widows and widowers in the North Bronx. Established the social outreach project of an Italian-Irish community on Staten Island. 
  • Resource person at the International Encounters of Religious Women – ‘World Religions and the Search for Religious Identities’, 1991. 
  • Resource person at the Symposium of Religious Women – ‘Violence and Christian Approach’, Sri Lanka, 1990. 
  • Developed a comprehensive database of the households to mainstream its economic and social needs to the attention of the city council and other service providers. Established a network of experts, resource people and foreign organisations on issues on peace, justice and human rights, Sri Lanka, (1989-1990) 
  • Developed youth projects to uplift the disadvantaged groups of the community. 
  • Established an inter-college Life Education Programme for pre-university students, Sri Lanka. (1983-1988) 
  • Developed a comprehensive teaching module and a model for social analysis as integral to Justice education, Sri Lanka 

Post graduate Thesis examiner 

  • (Melbourne College of Divinity, University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 2007- University of Colombo, Colombo, Sri Lanka (2010 -) 

MA and PhD placement supervisor 

  • (Westcott House, Cambridge Theological Federation, Theological College, Cuddesdon, Oxford, 2006-2010) 

Instructor and Supervisor 

  • Foundation Degree student police officers of the Leicestershire Constabulary, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK, (2007-2010) 

Trainer cum Tutor 

  • Faculty member, School of Religion and Philosophy, Minhaj University Lahore, Pakistan, (2019-) 
  • Visiting Lecturer, Department of Western Classical Culture and Christian Culture, Faculty of Arts, University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka (2014-) 
  • Visiting Lecturer, World Religions, Buddhist Studies Unit, Faculty of Arts, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka (2012 -) 
  • Lead person for organising and delivering courses on De racalisation and criminogenic behaviour in society as part of professional development for senior police officers, CEO’s and middle level management staff of the county council, senior prison officers, health officials of the National Health Service of Leciestershire, UK (2006-2009). 
  • Visiting Lecturer, Radicalisation of religious groups and religiously motivated violence, De Monfort University, Leicester, UK (2007-2009) 

Public Speaker (issues on Religion and Conflict, global justice, International relations, multiculturalism, Identity politics, Diaspora religious fervour, ethnicity related issues of South Asia, intercultural and interfaith dialogue, Gender relations in development of ideas, philosophy of history – made over 36 public addresses, talks, seminars and conferences, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Australia, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, UK, USA, France, Poland, Norway, Sweden, India, Pakistan and Austria) 

Research interests 

  • Diaspora communities, their religious affiliations in UK, Europe, Australia and their social adjustment processes. Radicalisation of religious faith, land, history and notions of chosen-ness as political tools to redress and quest for identity (1998- 2009). See. Bloglink above related papers presented in the publication list. Intertextuality project 
  • Mar Thoma Christian theologians and their other theologians (2004 – on going research based publications, see Blog link above for publications) Research in collaboration 
  • Hizmet Movement of Turkey and its Diaspora groups in Istanbul, London, Delhi, Hyderabad, Drammen, Washington DC and Colombo. 

Post war process of de-radicalisation 

  • Rehabilitation of former cadres and community engagement as a preventative strategy, Sri Lanka (soft approach methodology 2009- 2014) publications see blogsite 

Social and Personal Interests 

  • Reading and networking for Global Justice and Human Development 
  • Nature and its biodiversity observation 
  • Classical music and thematic gardening 
  • Meditation, mediation and advocacy 

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